domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

The new methodologies and protocols of forensic identification by craniofacial superimposition (MEPROCS)

Today I present you a project about Cranial Superimposition. 
The importance of the a project lies in the creation of European framework, in order "to allow the application of the Cranial Superimposition technique in practical forensic identification scenarios commonly tackled by the European scientific police units".
I think that the establishment of a common methodology to European scientific police units is crucial, in several areas within forensic sciences.

This framework will include:

i) the implementation of an existing semi-automatic method to assist the forensic experts in the application of the CS technique, resulting in a simple, quick, and systematic approach;
ii) the definition of standard protocols at European level, leading to the objective application of the CS technique in different forensic identification scenarios;
iii) the specification of a forensic science methodology to provide an objective evaluation of the forensic identification results achieved by CS, avoiding particular assumptions that could bias the process.

Hence, the project clearly promotes the validation and exchange of CS protocols and methodologies among different organisations.

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