sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

Project Child Save

Some weekends ago I was surprised when I saw a Discovery Channel Documentary about Child Traffiking. I´ve never imagined that somebody would voluunter to rescue abducted children to return them to their families.
The Doc relates the Mission of the project mentor - Ty Ritter,  as well as the voluunters which risk their lifes in Missions to rescue abducted children.

Project Child Save do what the governments or their police forces fail to do.

"Project Child Save is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prevent child abductions and kidnapping through education and public awareness campaigns. When these heinous acts are perpetrated against our children, Project Child Save, through it's international network, finds these abducted innocents who have been taken against their will and sold into slavery, and retrieves them, returning them to their loved ones.
Every year thousands of children are taken from their homes and sold into sexual slavery. Most of these children are teens or pre-teens, and few ever make it back to their families. The reason is simple - money. Slavery is a lucrative business, and the cost of rescuing abductees is beyond the means of most. Average families can't afford these costs, so they remain helpless as their loss overshadows the rest of their lives." *

You can read more here: Project Child Save
See the Video: Discovery Channel

* from Here

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