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The Lisbon Ripper #2

As promised a short brifieng of the case
The case – The Lisbon Ripper
During the 90´s (1992-1993) 3 women (prostitutes), in Lisbon, were killed. The murders had a padron, some of their organs were taken by the ripper, they were all killed still being alive, they have the same professional occupation and similar physical traits: small, skinny and with brown hair. The autopsies determined that all the victims were alive when suffer lesions.

Case 1 – Date:  July 1992 – Valentina
22 years old, Zone Odivelas (Lisbon suburbs ).
Drug addict;
She was battered and stabbed.
Case 2- Date: January 1993 - Fernanda
24 years old; Zone Entrecampos (Lisbon city)
She was sober during the attack.
Battered, apparently tried to resist the aggressions. Several wounds in the head and face.  
Apparently, the perpetrator had used part of a bottle in order to cut the body and take their organs out (Lungs, Gallblader, and Intestines) and  had taken with him small portions of these organs.
Case 3 – Date: April 1993, Maria João
27 years old; Zone: Odivelas (Lisbon suburbs)
Two months after the last murder.
Drug addicted.
Friend of the first women murdered
Battered and stabbed with a glass bottle, once again the organs were taken out of the body and taken with him.
Somebody heard that she shouted “ Luís, please don´t this!”.
Investigators share that the murderers showed an evolution, but the lack of evidence leave space for several interpretations.  
The case is closed, and once the Portuguese law dictates that 15 years after a murder being committed, a suspect or even the killer cannot be judged and consequently being arrested.
Well, what happen last week (here in Portugal) was that a man spoke to a Portuguese journalist (Felícia Cabrita) and confessed these murderers, assuming himself as the Lisbon Ripper.
After interviewing the man the journalist called the police, which arrest the man.
How this man was discovered by this journalist? Allegedly his son wanted to be in Reality Show – Secret Story 2 and applied with the secret:” I know who is the Lisbon Ripper”.  Interesting, hum? A son who wants to be famous by knowing that his father is the Lisbon Ripper.
The interview was published in the portuguese newspaper : “Sol” , and also the videos where the man describes what had done with the women killed during the 90´s.
The police is trying to determine if this man is the famous Lisbon Ripper, as he claimed to be. His favourite book was Jack the Ripper and all his life told his family that he was the Lisbon Ripper.
He also claimed to the journalist that he killed a prostitute in Aveiro. And he is being investigated for this crime, which was committed in 2000.
Accordingly to the media he said to the police he was not the killer, and he son appeared on Tv saying that he was lying, after all he just wanted to be in Secret Story 2 and perhaps be famous!

Note: The information contained in this post was recovered from the social communication, which sometimes is not the most reliable source as it should be.

P.S: In this interview to the journalist who interviewed this man, she is asked: How do you have identified this man?

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