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Rui Pedro

* In english as I promissed

This last post was in particular for Portuguese. It is about a boy who disappeared in Lousada, a village in the North of Portugal, 13 years ago. Every Portuguese, I am pretty sure recognize his face from time to time in the news, and the face of his mother, who express the pain of the loss of a missing son.
This week the only suspect from the beginning of this case is heard in court, but only 13 years after the disappearance of Rui Pedro, and when all the clues lead to him. The formal suspect gave him a ride and took him to a prostitute.
This article( Here)written in a Portuguese newspaper points out the way how these crimes are investigated by Portuguese police forces.
One of the most important aspects in criminal investigation, which changed in Portugal, is the fact the search for the missing children starts immediately, something that didn´t happen when Rui Pedro disappeared. The police only started to investigate 48h after the disappearance. About this aspect, I remember that United Kingdom police forces say that the likelihood of finding the children alive after the 24h period is low.
Patricia Cipriano (President of the Portuguese Association of Missing Children) speaks to Público and says that “there are still police forces that inform incorrectly the parents, telling them that only can accept the case of disappearance after the 48h”, something that seems to me a lack of responsibility and professionalism.
Last week the only suspect was heard in Court and is charged of Abducting Rui Pedro. The case is still in court this week.
Despite, the advances in the way that criminal investigation is done in Portugal, the question that is still in my mind is – Why only after 13 years of the disappearance of Rui Pedro the Police decide to charge the only suspect?

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