domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction

Hello to you all
I apologize for the lack of fresh posts..but here there´s another one.
I would like to share with you the Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction and its website.

The goals of this Association are:
To encourage the exchange of information and procedures useful in the reconstruction of crime scenes.
To stimulate research and develop new and/or improved methods of crime scene reconstruction.
To promote the improvement of professional expertise of persons working in the field through education and training seminars.
To provide the opportunity for members to consult with their peers on cases.
To publish a newsletter for the distribution of information relating to the Association and to crime scene reconstruction.
To promote cooperation and communication between agencies, disciplines, and members of the Association.
To provide members with access to experts within the various disciplines within the Association membership.
To provide the membership with a current roster of members listing their agency, address, phone numbers, responsibilities, and area of expertise.” *

Because crime scene professionals can always benefit from sharing information and experiences and as I think there are no two crime scenes alike, there´s a constant need to be updated.

Here is the Website:

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